@popey why do people keep acting like snaps are dead already? or rather the idea of snaps

all i have been hearing is flathub this flathub that

why can't we just have both things?

@codythedragonrude I suspect the "snap is dead" meme comes from the fact that a few distros have flatpak enabled by default, and we have snaps. So people see it as "only Ubuntu" as if that means it's only 10 users or something. People are entitled to their opinions, of course :)

@popey don't you guys list all the distros it works with on ths snapcraft page?

also sure it comes with flatpak by default but the user still has to add the flathub repo manually so it's like missing half of a hat

at least with snaps when the user installs snap functionality theirs no going to an external website to add a repo

i like both but if i was asked to pick one well snaps are easier to maintain imo

dunno how many times i had to look up a specific flatpak command

@codythedragonrude Yeah, every popular snap is installed on a ton of distros. Whether the distro ships snap support or not, users install it. 🀷

@popey plus i like how much you snap guys communicate with users

if i need info about the legalities of say making a snap for a wii backup manager all i usually have to do is ask

with flathub it's like email us and we will get back to you and then they never do

@codythedragonrude I dunno, we all have our weak points sometimes. I am not about to throw shade at flatpak developers or flathub maintainers.

@popey i was not throwing shade at all

i was simply stating that having tried to make a package for both i found snaps to be more reliable easier to actually get up and running and communication is better

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