After nine excellent years, April 30th is my last day at Canonical on Ubuntu & Snapcraft. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time working on so many interesting projects over the years, with such amazing people. It's time for some new adventures though. More on $NEWJOB another time.

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@popey Wow. You have been an inspiration in your role at Canonical. Please continue, being awesome. 😃

@popey where do we submit the bugs that you'll fix before leaving? 😉

Good luck at $NEWJOB!

First @Wimpy, now @popey
Congratulations and good luck.

@popey Congratulations Alan. Fantastic news for you I hope. Thank you for all the many years of hard work and dedication. Hope you stay on the Ubuntu podcast though.

@danielfgom @popey I wish you success and enjoyment in your new adventures. Thanks for all your work all this years!

@popey Ah! So that explains the slow down of blog posts in April... ;-)

All the best for $NEW JOB. Will you still be on the Ubuntu podcast?
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