@popey Oooo, interesting! I've been looking into a new tablet. Want to get one before the gradually expanding battery in my Pixel C explodes on me.

@jawsh I'm actually going to try, but I want to have a tablet that works in case I blow it up somehow. I use it a lot for media type stuff, but the tablet is almost 6 years old, and Google has long since stopped updating it. I want to have a working tablet before I start experimenting on this one. If I'm successful in the battery replacement, I can start looking at some 3rd party OS replacements to keep that part up to date. Maybe Lineage. I haven't done enough research on that bit.


@mike @popey Nexus and the Pixel devices tend to get awesome support with AOSP builds. I'm sure you could find an Android 10/11 build to run on it. Curious if there is any #ubports being developed for it?

@jawsh The Pixel C seems to be the exception to that rule unfortunately. No #UBPorts that shows up on their page anyway. Could be a third party deal or something.

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