I think I'm unwell. I have an overwhelming urge to buy a wide-carriage dot-matrix printer and box of fan-fold paper. I think I want my printouts of green and white striped & sprocket-lined paper.

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@popey attach it to the internet so that random strangers can print interesting stuff for you.

@popey Kids these days just don't know how therapeutic it was taking sprockets off.

@popey I am unwell too then! I remember those printers being more reliable than the crap HP printer I have.

@popey now we see which side effects Bill Gates put into the COVID vaccine.

@popey you'll need to write some basic to print out, to complete the look.

@korruptor I wish I could find my old college folders with Z80 code printed out. Have a horrid feeling I binned it all :(

@popey I know the symptoms. And a few days later you start looking at ebay for working Telex machines ;)

@popey Sure you're fine. Make an appointment if you feel the urge to seek out a daisywheel though! ;-)

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