New ThinkPad X1 Carbon 9th Gen just arrived at chez popey. Just in time to start $NEWJOB on Monday. Beautiful 😍

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@boilingsteam "Official"? As in where I'm going? No, not really mentioned it publicly yet. Will do on Monday.

@popey new employer: β€œMr Pope, here is your contract. Welcome to the company.”

Popey: β€œUm, why is there no mention of a Thinkpad in this contract? Do you even know who you’re employing here, sunshine?”

3 days later, this arrives…

@popey Did they make you buy your own work laptop? Sounds like you're either self employing or Freelancing....looking forward to Mondays announcement

@danielfgom They gave me four/five options to choose from. I chose the ThinkPad. They shipped it to me. It arrived today. I'm not self employed or freelancing, no.

@popey Ah. Very nice. Back to the drawing board I suppose. We should have a guess-alans-new-job competition where we get to ask you non specific questions to try and guess. My first question would be: will Wimpress be sitting at the desk next to you....? 😊

@popey coming from more traditional t series how is the batt life and is ram upgradeable or soldered? Pro con vs your older t450?

@rik I don't actually know about the battery life yet, as it's mostly on my desk, docked all day. I will miss the exchangable batteries that the T450 has, for sure. But doubt battery life will be a problem, USB C charging is easier now.

@popey thanks for the feedback, wishing you the best in *NEW JOB*. The mrs is wanting something lighter than her t450 so I may need to check out the X1 or maybe the t4*0S models (I typically buy used older models for around $300 - $400)

@rik Yeah, mrs popey loves her first gen X1. I bought it second-hand refurb from Tier1Online back in Jan 2016! Cost 634.00 back then and has lasted well, still uses it daily. It mostly lives under the sofa, not mobile much. I am impressed how well Windows 10 and all her work apps still run on it.

@rik Seems like that first gen X1 is going for about 300 quid still on fleabay! Impressive how these hold their price, given how old they are.

@popey Hey thanks for the updates... I might be too cheap for the X1 line, but I have an X230 (and got an X260 last year). With the larger touchpad (biggest gripe against the X230 even though I use the trackpoint mostly) I may just stick to the X2xx series for now unless a X1 jumps out at me. Again maybe the "T4xxS" may be a sweet spot also (price / performance / portability)

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