Booted up my new ThinkPad X1 9th Gen on the weekend before I started at InfluxData. Wonder what uptime I can get on this thing :D

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@popey I try to aim for 3 days, but I ran devel series, so it's worth rebooting every few days with all the updates coming in for end-to-end testing :/

@popey Never ran linux on new hardware, always on older hardware to extend its life. One day I would like to pick up a new ThinkPad or a System76 pc.

@DarkWraithLord I personally prefer to buy year-old ThinkPads as they're better value for money.

@popey True, one year old is as close to newer hardware for me. πŸ‘

@DarkWraithLord yeah. Got my T450 a year old. Half the price of new. Still going strong with ram and ssd upgrade 5 years later.

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