@popey I'm surprised that the two displays are apparently running off separate PCs

@penguin42 I wonder if they're all baked into the unit. Do display & computer come together.

@popey Yep, I suspect so; I think some displays have module slots that you can put a PC into.

@popey I’m surprised by the specs. Wouldn’t have thought you need much to run a simple signage app. Seems pretty wasteful to me. Then again, they might use the spare processing power of all the thousands of drive through machines to mine Bitcoin? πŸ€” Just uncovered the worlds biggest Bitcoin mining operation I think 🧐

@popey Kabylake ULT. I was hoping for CoffeeLake UHT. Almost.

@popey American Megatrends serves British chips now?!

@popey Haha never seen a bios screen before on an outside menu πŸ˜‚

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