Been selling off a few of my older computers recently - Marie Kondo style. Looking at the ThinkPads next. I'm having difficulty parting with some though. These two chonkers in particular - R40 and 380XD are keepers, I think. Along with the X220, T43, T450 and X61s... 🀦🏻

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Then there's the compact couple, 560Z and X40. They're just adorable for their compressed computing capabilities! πŸ₯°

@popey designed to run Windows...and actually still running Windows? :thaenkin:

@popey wow really ahead of their time. When was the 560z released and what cpu? Puppy linux candidate??

@popey Alan Pope does not use GNU + Linux on all his computers WHAT !!!

@popey you should put a sign over your front door:

The Pope Museum

I'm sure that will clear things up for people entering your home.

@popey my label maker has the label:

Dad's Order Enforcer

I'm impressed with your ability to keep the labels informative.

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