I bought a 1st generation ipad in 2010. It's almost completely unusable as anything other than a clock. Can't sell it because I stupidly got it engraved with my name and phone number 🤦. Can't sign into games, lots of things won't install or update. Netflix still works tho 🤷

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@popey remove the number with a dremel :smart:

funny, i have a very similar experience with a nexus 7, somehow its gotten slow even at the basic things like going into the system menu. I don't remember it being so awful
@juliank @popey yet the hardware is still fine. The screen is perfect, nice IPS panel. Camera also quite OK. All it needs is new software

@popey @piggo Nexus 7 + Ubuntu Touch = how I read the few graphic novels/comics I have. Is it fast? No. Is it fast enough to read Attack on Titan? Definitely.

@phillipprado @popey I read all of Naruto and Berserk on mine, thats also the only thing I ever really used it for. It's ok for comic books and maybe youtube...

@piggo @popey Install lineageOS on it, it makes a huge difference..

@Seferi I did install LineageOS on one a while back, but I just don't have a use for it.

@popey have an old LG Android Google TV (I think it is on Jelly Bean). Only app that works is Netflix. It only took a few years for apps to stop working. Problem with these “smart” TVs is that I think they should last more than eight years. Anyway, now sound has finally gone out. Time for a new TV 🤷

@popey get an LCD controller and turn it into an external monitor. The only thing good about Apple devices are their displays, anyway.

@popey That's the problem with tech. It just doesn't stand up well to time. Which makes it all the more ridiculous how expensive all these smart watches are but will be obsolete in 5 years.....

@popey I have a similar situation for my old iPad 2.

Fortunately I had Goodreader on there, so it still makes a decent PDF doc reader. Also some arcade games that support my iCade mini arcade cabinet. It mostly stays in the iCade these days. Can't install or newly update anything on it.

My wife also got mine engraved when she originally bought it for me.

I also have one of the new 11" M1 pros. It will _NOT_ be engraved!

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