There are 3 adults in our house who regularly consume hot drinks from mugs. We have around 25 mugs in active circulation right now. That's ~8.3 mugs per person. Is that common? Does your house have a lower or higher πŸ€”

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Much lower ratio in my house but now I have a new game to play. Which mugs are Popeys?πŸ˜ƒ

@popey higher ratio and I don't even drink tea. Also if I had my way, all the mugs would conform to the same stackable standard.

@simon The kids hate emptying the dishwasher because tesselating these mugs is hard.

@popey we are 3 adults in our house, only 2 drinks hot liquids. About 10 mugs I think.

@popey you have at least 2 matching mugs. Are you some kind of axe murderer?

@popey We have about the same number for 4 people. My wife does an annual purge and then we right back there in 2 to 3 months. This isn't inlcuding the "Christmas" mugs she brings out each year.

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