This is neat. A coding font tournament! I got down to IBM Plex Mono and Ubuntu Mono as finalists. Not surprisingly, both fonts I use daily.

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@popey I just found out about this week, which you may also be interested in.

@popey @schlink I ended up with JetBrains Mono, but Fira Mono was a _very_ solid second.

@popey Interesting; my outcomes were quite different at different sizes; I landed at overland initially (possibly used to it?) but at Noto Sans Mono when I went to a smaller size.

@popey Ooh I like! So much easier than just browsing around. I got Oxygen Mono but I also had a soft spot for JetBrains Mono 'cos I like the condensed look. But I think it would tire me out staring at it all day. Neither are fonts I actually use!

@popey Neato. I went through that and wound up with Source Code Pro and Roboto Mono.
I've been using Liberation Mono for years now.
I still prefer Liberation Mono over both of the top picks from that competition. πŸ˜‰

@popey cuisine and source code pro for me. The latter I use daily. I liked Jetbrains as well.
Interesting test though, I saw a lot of fonts that I never saw before.

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