My lovely Mini EV arrived yesterday. I *love* it. Our home wall box charger arrives tomorrow. Meanwhile, I tried a couple of public chargers.
βœ”οΈ Instavolt - success
❌ GeniePoint - failure
Will check Zap-Map next time! Thankful to be able to have a charger at home!

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@popey what home charger are you getting, out of interest?

@andypiper I went for the Ohme Home Pro. It seems pretty neat. Can be controlled without an app. Also can talk to energy provider's API and car API to charge only on best price leccy. Hard in current climate, but expect that to change.

@popey controlled without an app? You mean…. WITH YOUR BRAIN?? :blobaww:

@popey happy driving, enjoy the simplicity and relaxed driving experience of an EV. I love driving "proper" cars, but day to day our EV is more of a joy :)

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