Ok, let's figure this out with SCIENCE (a mastodon poll)!
If someone calls you a "chad", is that...? 🤔
Please share. Thx 👏

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@popey boosted, because I have no idea and I now need to know.

@popey I have a sneaking feeling that my response means that I am old.


Context dependant. From r/linux, a compliment, even if they didn't intend it that way.

@popey I don't know why it's not firmly in the top spot, as that's most definitely a compliment:

Chad is absolutely slang for an Alpha/stud

And you and Wimpy are shining examples

@popey unfortunately it's a compliment 😵‍💫 kind of. To me it implies belonging to a club of bros, so take it with a plate full of salt...

@skadi @popey similar to how some people (idiots) use 'liberal' as a smear... like they are against the reformation ...

@popey I would have chosen "a deeply conflicting complement" if possible.

@popey for me it depends, I sometimes use it as a insult or a complement, its very context dependent

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