Time to upgrade the work ThinkPad X1C9 from Kubuntu 21.10 to 22.04 LTS, while at a company conference. What could possibly go wrong!? :D

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Upgrade worked fine. Now adding the Kubuntu PPA to get even newer crack.

@popey doing the 22.04 update broke Ubuntu on my Atari VCS, although that’s probably not the target usage :-) I need to dig in on that at some point.

@popey @andypiper Did it ship at all? I honestly thought it was vapourware.

@lopta @popey yes the console is shipping. Not with Ubuntu - that was a PC Mode install (I think something went awry in Grub with the upgrade) and I had the usual, er, Linux fun with wireless drivers. Did a bunch of HW upgrades (SSD and RAM) as well.

@popey It’s fine (as I hyperventilate over the thought of such nonsense).

@popey Just tell me “everything is ok” even if it’s not; I can’t handle tension.

@popey (using a napkin to remove the X from both eye lids) Thanks Popey; I needed this.

@popey Just a word of warning .. My upgrade went fine and the desktop in 22.04 is more snappy (on my h/w anyway) - but I had various issues related to openssl3 being the default. I couldn't use openvpn (due to sha1 user certs - fixed after regenerated in sha256) also unable to use AWS codecommit (needed to add to ssh config )

PubkeyAcceptedAlgorithms +ssh-rsa
HostkeyAlgorithms +ssh-rsa

Also not able to unpack .p12 bundles (need to add -legacy to openssl)

Hope this helps someone..

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