Today in /duh/ news: "Remote work doesn’t negatively affect productivity, study suggests".
As someone who has worked from home for over a decade, good to see everyone else catching up. 🎉

@Linux_in_a_Bit we have successful and productive people at Influx who have ADHD or similar challenges and are able to succeed

@popey Not everyone else is catching up. The CEO of my company said literally today: "I know everybody has missed coming into the office and is looking forward to getting back in and returning to normal."

Uh, you know that do you? Might want to revisit that idea. It seems like there's a lot of management that's missed coming into the office and hanging out in meeting rooms with their fellow execs. The rest of us? Not so sure.

It's split about 50/50 at my place of work. They've made a bunch of people come back to the office but, curiously, some get to stay home, no rhyme or reason. Of those coming back, most seem enthused but a few have actually quit. I was the guy that stayed alone in the office and worked long hours during the event. That made sense because I'm the only one that is salaried yet I get paid overtime. I also have the longest commute.

@popey ah, but an old rich man who wants to sell you a barely-working videophone disagrees

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