Thought the milkman forgot to deliver eggs. Nope, looks like foxes stole them! 🦊🥚

@popey Milkman? Foxes? Eggs delivered? Where in the 1940s are you?

@dentangle What can I say. Glass bottles filled with delicious milk or juice, freshly delivered to my doorstep three times a week. What's not to love. 😍
(Bastard foxes)

@popey Sounds idyllic. And a great way to avoid our plague-ridden supermarkets at the moment.

@popey @dentangle we get our milk delivered too. People that don’t think twice about getting groceries or takeaway delivered find it odd we get our milk delivered!

@Luke @popey I would if it was an option where we live, but it's a long time since I've heard of it. My grandparents used to get milk delivered, and ~15 years ago there was a fellow who erratically delivered to my office, but it's just not so common any more, sadly.

@popey one of those caddies for organic waste was protection enough for us. Picture on top to indicate "put them in there".

(You'll need it: for the foxes you have now become the egg man, kookookachoo)

@derwinmcgeary @popey We use a wooden box. Amazing how much milk (oatmilk) a fox can drink out of a bottle without knocking it over. They're also quite fond of yoghurt.

Wait! Y'all still have milkmen that deliver milk, dairy goods and eggs to your home? Haven't seen that here in the States for at least 40 years.

@Tay0 Yeah, reboot, using local farms, and they have an app and website and all the other modern stuff ;)

@popey if you catch him can you get my grey size 9 croc off him?

@popey We haven't had milk delivery for 30 years. Sorta miss it. Love the fox bit. 😊

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