The LMN-3 is an accessible, open source DAW-in-a-box. Pretty amazing fully open source project, built with a Raspberry_Pi . Check out this video showing it in action.

@popey Thanks for sharing, that's incredible, I've watched so many OP1 videos but never been able to justify the price, this might be the kick I need to get into this kind of music!

@hasnep same as me. I would love an OP-1. But know deep down I would be clueless with it, so better off just sharing videos of open source stuff instead. That I can manage!

@popey that's nearly as cool as your new memoji! ;D

@popey That looks like a very cool project to do and a pretty good way to start playing

@popey wow, where did you find this? It looks amazing 😍

@popey this looks - and sounds - so cool! Sadly I have absolutely no musical skills to actually use the device :(

@popey 👾 wow this is really full featured and looks like fun, do you know if it can record samples from an external source?

@changeling No idea. I just know what I saw on that video and in the hackaday post.

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