A decade ago... at in Liverpool, for some reason I had a photo taken holding a DEC VT-101, like you do.

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@popey I used to have one of those on my bench at work. The VT-220 is lighter. :-)

@lopta Indeed it is lighter, but it doesn't have the right smell :)

But I'm used to pics of you a decade later. I think 40 to 50 is the most dramatic change in most people.

@Tay0 @popey

Man, SO true.

I thought 20-30 was a big deal, then 30-40 wasn't as big a deal. Now that I'm rounding the bend to 50, it's a BIG deal.

I changed very little from 20-30, a good bit more from 30-40, but now I'm almost a completely different person than I was at 40.

@vkc @popey
Same. I remember seeing them in documentaries and not knowing what they were... but knowing that they looked hella cool. :D


I used to work on a VT-220 all the time. They had vector graphics (not real - pixelated, but they could display drawings and charts).

Seemed fancy at the time!

@vkc @popey

@vkc @TerryHancock @popey

Or one of the later ones with full-color sixels?

Mama Mia!!

@vkc I learned to code at college on one which I why I acquired that model. They don’t come up often these days and command quite a price!

@popey normal conferences have models to take pictures with, geek conferences, CRTs.

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