So I’m sure everyone is aware of the quirky way Canadians get milk in bags. Today I discovered sugar in a carton in Spain!? Never seen it in this type of container in the UK. Is this common elsewhere?

@popey that spout seems to lack a certain finesse :D

@k I may have screwed it on in a hurry in my excitement to take a photo :)

@popey even so, pouring out a spoonful looks like a gamble. Surely only Nans have sugar bowls these days...

@k just looked at it again. I see it’s not actually the right lid for that container :)

@popey I have never seen sugar packaged like this. I'm in the US, for context.

@popey you can buy milk in bags in many areas of Europe too.

@popey It also exists in France. I used to have those but I changed brand. Now it's in regular paper bags that seem more common.

Canuck here. Haven't seen milk in a bag for decades. It may be a thing in other parts of Canada. I'm in the BC interior.

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