Farmbound is a free web game by @sil
In it, you build up a little farm by carefully arranging the pieces you're given. Items are randomly chosen, but the same each day for everyone. Farmbound works on desktop and mobile browsers.

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Get points by putting scythe 🔪 or harvester 🚜 next to crops 🌿 and fields 🌾. Three water 🚰 together become manure 💩 which both feed seeds and crops. Three seeds 🌱 become a crop 🌿, three crops become a field 🌾and three scythes 🔪 become a harvester 🚜. Simple and fiendish!

Everyone gets the same pieces each day, so you're playing for the high (or low) score among everyone worldwide! Play again until you beat your own or the world's best score.

You can share your score and farmbound layout to impress your friends too. Here's what that looks like:

Farmbound 31/08/2022: 274


've helped test Farmbound for a while now, along with some friends. It's been fun to play each day and see who gets the highest score. Maybe you'll see some posts on Twitter or elsewhere soon. You can also read a blog post that @sil wrote all about it

@popey @sil Farmbound 31/08/2022: 561


@popey @sil the add to Home Screen pop up is perfect. Got me at the right time.

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