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Alan Pope βœ… 🍺 🐧 🐱

I recently picked up a rather chunky IBM ThinkPad 380XD. The previous owner used Windows 95 on it. The installation of Internet Explorer still has a cache of MSN home page from August 8th, 1999 :)

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Apologies for that being a photo and not a screenshot. The laptop has no LAN and no USB drivers (Win95) so it's a little problematic getting files off it :)

@popey Oh god, Palm HotSync as well (bottom right, status bar). I remember that from the olden days of yore...

@eta Heheh! Wondered who would spot that. It has the full Palm Desktop installed. I still have a Palm T|X :)

@popey Someone ought to teach the previous owner about the need to wipe data from hard drives. Eek.

@rochelimit Hah! Ok Dad. I plan to extract all the ThinkPad drivers off it though, in case I find those hard to locate. They're all nicely in little folders!

@popey back when e-trade had more ad-space than amazon!