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[FACT] Air fryers are excellent for re-heating KFC fries. In fact, KFC fries are *better* after warming/crisping in an air fryer.

You’re invited to the first elementary Developer Weekend!

For years we’ve dreamed about creating a conference for Open Source app developers, so we’re creating a space to bring people in and include them in the process.

Join us online June 26–27, 2021

The only English font I can identify is the "Ubuntu" font.

Here's #Ubuntu font out in the wild in a small town in Kerala.

Hm. Just realised it may look like I'm suggesting one redirects the output of duf to df. In b4 someone points that out.

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Second Hand Books Are Theft

Whenever you buy a second-hand book, you are stealing revenue from the author and publisher. It makes no difference whether you buy from a charity shop or a for-profit store. All the money goes to the seller of the book, and none of it flows back to the copyright holders.

(The situation is slightly different if you borrow a book from a library. In the UK, au


We're back! This week, becoming an member, working for and all the news that's fit to print!

13 years ago today, the was born. πŸ‘Ά
Now we're old enough to have a social media account! πŸŽ‚

Why so many distros ship GNOME by default, a retro OS on modern hardware, Mint’s update woes, your feedback, and more.

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