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Woke up to find freenode is accelerating their own self destruction. Also, they've coined a new sinister mantra: "freenode is IRC. freenode is FOSS. freenode is freedom.". Uhuh.

Recording the podcast remotely, we need our audio in sync. Here's how we do it - badly 😁

Updated my Kubuntu work laptop to the KDE Plasma Backports PPA. Liking the new "Quick Settings" screen, making it easy to find familiar and common settings.

Good morning from Boobear. Not my cat. A neighbour's ball of floof who comes in to steal Tiggers' breakfast, and get brushes and strokes from us hoomans. Very chatty man. 10/10 would let him in the house and brush again.

Tea minus 2 days until πŸŽ‰ Speaking of tea, which biscuits will you be dipping in a cuppa this Saturday, starting at 19:00 BST? Here's a serving suggestion of our favourite British Biscuits! πŸ‘‡

Removing features is a shitty move

I've worked on some big product launches. Every time there's a major update, developers have to think about which features to port over and which to drop.

Sometimes it is easy. Analytics show no one is using this feature? Drop it.

Sometimes it is hard. It's a moderately well used feature, but complicated to get running on a new environment. If you


Today in "Mir is not dead" news (because back in 2017, for some reason people thought Mir was killed off, along with Unity8. It wasn't). A new release.

FOSS Talk Live is back, this Saturday, 12th June at 19:00 BST πŸŽ™οΈ We're joining forces with from to bring you "Ubuntu Voltage" ⚑️
Live streaming on YouTube:
Bring πŸ«– &πŸͺ

TIL my employer, InfluxData are giving us all June 19th the day off, for "Juneteenth". I'd never heard of or observed this anniversary (not being Texan or American). I'm grateful that my employer gives me opportunities to think about these kinds of things.

Just pushed the latest build of ncspot, my favourite Spotify client to the stable channel in the Snap Store.

I think "The Day After Tomorrow" is one of my favourite disaster movies. Along with "28 Days Later" it's one I'll always watch when I stumble upon it on TV late one night, like now. I do love a ludicrous disaster flick. :)

Dusting off the GCSE Maths in the back of my brain to do a bit of fun game-dev. I remember being very certain back than that I'd never need SOH CAH TOA. Past me was wrong.

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