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Weird coincidence that I noticed the graphics stack went weird (couldn't launch new GL apps) after 33 days and ~5 hours, twice. I had to reboot to get everything working. Is there something about that duration that makes / KDE / Ubuntu systems go wobbly? Very strange.

Interesting video review of the "JingPad A1" which is (their words) "The worlds first consumer level Linux tablet". Worth a look.

When I'm on a Zoom call, and every single participant has a mono microphone, I still put my headphones on the "right" way round. This is despite the cable crossing me to get to its destination socket. I should stop this. One day it might be nice if everyone is "panned" left/right

Wife has been playing this word game for a couple of years now. I just noticed the level number: 15234. I don't think I have ever reached levels above fifteen thousand in any game, ever.

Been selling off a few of my older computers recently - Marie Kondo style. Looking at the ThinkPads next. I'm having difficulty parting with some though. These two chonkers in particular - R40 and 380XD are keepers, I think. Along with the X220, T43, T450 and X61s... 🀦🏻

Time to get rid of some old computers. First up, this classic/rare/prototype Chromebook Cr-48. Hope it finds a new loving forever home. πŸ₯°

Help! I'm looking for someone with an Apple computer to verify that upgrades from groovy to hirsute now work with the new ubuntu-release-upgrader in hirsute-proposed:

Don't miss Jonathan Riddell talking about KDE on's FLOSS Weekly show. This afternoon at 16:30 UTC.

I don't understand why it's rising by only $1 every few hours. Are people seriously visiting this page and just plugging a 1 in the box to donate?

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Interesting new (to me) Google play store development. Now it hides all the updates by default. Just tells you how many there are, and you have to click through to see them. Research shows most people don't care, and just want the latest stuff? Unsurprising.

Setup a green screen over the weekend. Now finding the optimal settings ready for Zoom meetings at work next week. This is fine.

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