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If you're looking for some nerdy content, Wolfgang's Channel is my absolute favourite YouTube place. Well made, friendly, articulate, thoughtful, non-clickbait and pretty. Enjoy.

Never ceases to amaze me that my little OpenSpades server is often the most busy one of all. It's maxed out at 32 players right now. I can't even get on! :D

Drove 72 miles to an office this morning. Battery level is 50%. Wonder if I can make it back home, the same journey, roughly same distance, without charging... 🤔🔋🔌

How's your day going. I just batted a large mug of coffee all over my computer, desk, mouse, mat, controller, wall... basically everything is now covered in milky coffee...

Hm. This Commando board is super grubby and tatty in places. Need to get some isopropyl alcohol I guess.

Hah! I knew if I was lazy enough, for long enough, eventually Google would relent and let me use G-Suite Legacy for free!

Next up, letting my Side Arms board go. Used to play this as a kid so much in the arcades of Aldershot. Happy memories.

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Time to start letting more of my classic arcade boards go. Here's Green Beret by Konami. Bid high, and bid often! 💰
Hope it goes to a good home! 🤞

Lunchtime today was spent playing Green Beret! I knew there was a good reason I kept this 14" Sony Trinitron from 1990!

Floorp! Meridius! utm_no! No, we're not having a stroke! These are new applications in Flathub this weekend. Find out more below ⬇

Busted out the Weber on the one day of sunshine this year, to cook a pre burger or two!

☀️ Sunny day in UK
✅ Grass cut
✅ Podcasts listened
✅ Clothes washed
✅ Drink for Euro Vision got
✅ BBQ food bought
🕹 Time to play some games

Everyone has a thing on the upstairs landing queueing to get in the loft, right? This Amstrad PCW 8256 is mine.

Oh Hai Ubuntu on the BBCNews this evening. In the segment about the picture of the black hole in our galaxy. 🤓

Time for a MegaPint of wine and some OpenSpades on my popeyspades server. Pew pew! 🔫

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