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Son just brought me his “broken” iPad. Lightning connector snapped off inside the charge port. Fixed it in a couple of minutes. He asked how I did it so fast “Did you watch YouTube tutorial? Use a toothpick?”. Close. Corn on the cob holder…

I want one of these computers that don't exist. The obvious plasticine follow-up to the IBM PS/2.

Enjoying this addition to my office. Related, I must remember to get some AAA batteries.

It's 2022 and I find myself looking for 4x4MB 30 pin SIMMs to upgrade my IBM PS/2 Model 30-286. Like you do.

Today I Learned, vnstat - a handy tool for summarising network traffic by hour/day/month/year can also show "live" updating how many bits/packets are going over the wire/aether. Neato!

Albert has been in our life for nearly 6 months now. He’s fabulously gorgeous. 😽

Before last year, I had never heard of - commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. 19th June falls on Sunday this year. At we get the next day off & access to learning materials on the topic. I appreciate this.

@ken_fallon @perloid hello chaps. Where's the source code for the hpr website? I'd like to propose a minor edit or two. :)

A decade ago... at in Liverpool, for some reason I had a photo taken holding a DEC VT-101, like you do.

The LMN-3 is an accessible, open source DAW-in-a-box. Pretty amazing fully open source project, built with a Raspberry_Pi . Check out this video showing it in action.

You can now submit @hpr shows to the Reserve Queue for when free slots are not filled on time.


After three months of working offline, the time is drawing near for me to push the new (almost entirely re-written from the ground up) version of Vocal to the main branch. Please pardon the mess as I update documentation, clean up issue boards, and tidy up the homepage.

I think this is the lowest I've let the battery get, after a long journey today. The car was nagging me for about 15 miles. 😀 Home now and back on charge for the next mini adventure ☺️

We just added a new (free) course to University. This one is all about capturing data with Telegraf (the thing I work on all day). Find out more here ⤵️

Thought the milkman forgot to deliver eggs. Nope, looks like foxes stole them! 🦊🥚

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