lol, this is a racist comic from the 60's about diversifying workforces but it actually owns

ok haha good joke. you got us good. you can come back now mr. knzk. you can bring the server back. Please

telling people i "rescinded" my account instead of deleting it so i sound cool and they respect me

making an account on a new instance is like new game plus you lose all your followers and have to start over with only your accumulated clout

horrifying news theres 2 of me now and i dont know how to stop it

feel like the next step for my brand is moving to knzk...thoughts?

you (weak, will never go viral): hope all my pals are havin a great day...keep it sincere lol!
me (brand aware, viral in 12 states, sponsored by sprite): market research says that 82% of this websites demographic hates nazis... boost if you hate nazis too

why don't 90s ny rap fans like bluegrass? 

Wow, RIP Weird Al. I loved his music as a kid, a true hero of mine. he died bending over to get his juul between the cracks of his couch, his back giving out

pick a side tooters you are either a commie or you are horny posting there is no in between

He has blocked every road I take with a wall of hewn stones;he has made every path impassable. 3:9

​JACK called me 📱 he said POPPY! 🍿 i said WHAT YOU NEED? 🤔 he said 'I 🍿 😩 my platform DYING 💀 people want you BACK 😩 they spamming FREE POPPY 🚫 🍿 ... i cant them anymore! 🚫 '
I said ' 🤚 Mastodon 🐘 is my HOME 🏠 NOW! 👅 '


how do i si gn up on the mastodon server where my ex wife cant join

oh sure. Sure Yeah. I'm a backpacker now. i'm a backpacker just because i think the last real emotional hip-hop was the knuckles raps from sonic adventure 2. Seems like some sound logic there buddy

this question is actually a 2 parter:
1. how do i post on the other Servers
2. is there a server for korn fans

ME: brings me back to 2005 on the old something awful /b/ client... (omg they have no idea im making all this up rn lmfao)
CASHIER: sir this is a wendys you need to order something

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