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dare i say the internet was better when you had to understand computers to get on it.

i went to the wedding of a couple, who repaired mobile phones....the reception was amazing,,,,

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LINE stickers have been approved!


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♲ @Alan Pope ✅ 🍺 🐧 🐱 (popey@mastodon.social): That's this evening sorted 😀. Debian based game console in my pocket. forum.clockworkpi.com/t/lets-p…

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The Internet Archive has a music collection, playable through a JavaScript widget; as of now, they have a new player which emulates WinAmp, and doubles as a viewer for their archive of WinAmp skins:


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if there has been multiple times that the human race has evolved, grown and advanced....are we the only version to think plastic hooks (that will obviously break easily ) are a good idea??

whats more there will be christmas adverts soon too no doubt....ahh feck!

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why is every other picture on the interwebs a skeleton when Halloween is at the end of the bloody month??

Its funny, but while having a vacant episode at work I pondered....What was the earliest social media product. Something that would enable you to look people up / stalk and find their contact details....I wonder if it had the same effect as Facebook, when the phone book was introduced?

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The weather might not be the best today but it always a great day for some stalking and harassment.

@vashio or maybe inquisitor martyr / shenmue....failing that Witcher is a good choice

And I dont know why a chicken needs a bra..but here is a picture of a chicken in a bra... A chra or A Braken?

Any ideas on the a good mastodon android app?

if cheese is milk that has gone off...why does it have a use by date?

if water has lived in a volcanic spring for thousands of years.....why does it need a sell by date?

if someone tried viagra, could they be described as a medicated follower of passion?

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