Live life, everything that is present on your way was supposed to be here

Just three days left. Very important assignment for tomorrow. Today’s morning I didn’t manage to do anything important. I need to focus and stay on the right path.

Yo yo yo yo yo I’m on my wave. I’m on top of my positivity shit.

What a great day already! Shit is amazing. I’m grateful for everything that came onto my way. Have a nice day too y’all!

Golf is one of my favorite sports.
I love the vibe of it. The clothes, the grass, the audience, commentators!
I’ve never played it by myself, but it’s one of my dreams!

The best movies are those which I accidentally watch on tv after midnight

I feel like we don’t understand quantum mechanics fully, because we live in the 3rd dimension. If we were able to see 4th dimension (I mean time), everything will be obvious to us.

Kanye’s unreleased music.
This man is amazing.

The only way to live a happy life is to make yourself enjoy every minute of it, no matter what happens. If you love it at its worst, just try to imagine the best moments:)

@posestro359y for real I destroyed it. Probably my best test ever from pharma. World class 🤣🤣🤣

Assisted to my first surgical operation today!

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