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I am very excited to publish this article!!

My last few months have been looking at some really cool Web technology which have really inspired me about the future of the Web.


"An estimated $500bn is withheld from public coffers each year by multinational companies... [They] should be taxed on where they genuinely do business – not on where they artificially shift their profits"


"Comcast is injecting 400+ lines of JavaScript into web pages" forums.xfinity.com/t5/Customer

Good time to remember that the EFF's HTTPS Everywhere extension is a great way to avoid ISPs tampering with HTTP pages: eff.org/https-everywhere

"Unfortunately... the online world has been structured by what I view as the perverse financial incentives of the advertising model into exactly the opposite, where people are corralled into these groups that are made to be as annoyed as possible with each other."

Good interview. HT @nolan


"Repressive governments originally treated Facebook with suspicion... But authoritarian regimes are now embracing social media, shaping the platforms into a tool to wage war against a wide range of opponents—opposition parties, human-rights activists, minority populations, journalists."


@abbenm @peter Ah a peer to peer browser? I don't remember Opera Unite explicity, but I think you could do similar things with WebRTC in most browsers these days? peerjs.com might be a good place to start, it you haven't come across that...

OK I'm gonna belatedly do my / ☺️ Hi, I'm a web developer from the UK, into technology and innovation. I work in Samsung's web browser team as a developer advocate, which means I get to help web developers as my job. I post most of the web development stuff over on my other account at @peter.

I also sometimes draw sketches, come up with bad puns, and draw bad cartoons based on bad puns 😄

Deep Mind's AlphaGo Zero "has triumphed at chess against world-leading specialist software, within hours of teaching itself the game from scratch" bbc.co.uk/news/amp/technology-

UC browser is based on Chromium 57 now apparently. Before that it was a fork of WebKit dating from before the Blink split (AFAIK). plus.ucweb.com/

Honestly I probably could have skipped my whole "why I'm leaving Twitter" blog post and just posted this comic instead. (source: listen-tome.com/wasted-hours/) toot.cafe/media/APuvNvSDKV4yyu

Great presentation from @tristansokol@twitter on how to make the most of StackOverflow. If you're someone who helps developers there, I recommend checking out the slides:
tristansokol.github.io/Present to win StackOverflow/

Hearing from Joe Nash how Github's dev relations have been able to scale up by introducing an external advocate program called Campus Experts.

The key is establishing trust. Micromanagement doesn't scale!

They establish trust through training, screening, being open and honest about the purpose and how their actions will affect the program and the bottom line.

And a great example of dogfooding: they use Github itself as the training platform.


"Slides are not your teleprompter. Slides are not notes or references for people after your talk. Maximise signal (relevant info) and minimise noise. Focus on one purpose per slide. Make the important things stand out."
- Melinda Seckington mastodon.social/media/4bykaHde

"Is the thing we're doing and measuring the thing that we really value? The Hawthorne Efffect is about how measuring something changes our behaviour. We tend to do and measure the easy things, but are they the right things? We have to ween people off 'acceptable ways to fail'"
- Ade Oshineye mastodon.social/media/J71RJT6Z

"Each time you do a demo or tutorial, you have a chance for teachable moments.
We tend to overestimate how closely people's knowledge matches our own. Show things that you find useful, that you think make people better developers. For example, keyboard shortcuts, or how to debug when you make a mistake."
- Erin McKean mastodon.social/media/sVbjBrrc

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