Today I'll be at in London, tooting best bits from the talks on developer relations. Looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces there!

"Seeing the developer community as an onramp to sales is highly problematic. Community is not an extension of the marketing department. I like to think of it more like an R&D expense: our research into what developers need - and *their* development."
- Leslie Hawthorn

"Each time you do a demo or tutorial, you have a chance for teachable moments.
We tend to overestimate how closely people's knowledge matches our own. Show things that you find useful, that you think make people better developers. For example, keyboard shortcuts, or how to debug when you make a mistake."
- Erin McKean

"Is the thing we're doing and measuring the thing that we really value? The Hawthorne Efffect is about how measuring something changes our behaviour. We tend to do and measure the easy things, but are they the right things? We have to ween people off 'acceptable ways to fail'"
- Ade Oshineye

"Slides are not your teleprompter. Slides are not notes or references for people after your talk. Maximise signal (relevant info) and minimise noise. Focus on one purpose per slide. Make the important things stand out."
- Melinda Seckington

Hearing from Joe Nash how Github's dev relations have been able to scale up by introducing an external advocate program called Campus Experts.

The key is establishing trust. Micromanagement doesn't scale!

They establish trust through training, screening, being open and honest about the purpose and how their actions will affect the program and the bottom line.

And a great example of dogfooding: they use Github itself as the training platform.

Great presentation from @tristansokol@twitter on how to make the most of StackOverflow. If you're someone who helps developers there, I recommend checking out the slides: to win StackOverflow/

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