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"Each time you do a demo or tutorial, you have a chance for teachable moments.
We tend to overestimate how closely people's knowledge matches our own. Show things that you find useful, that you think make people better developers. For example, keyboard shortcuts, or how to debug when you make a mistake."
- Erin McKean

"Seeing the developer community as an onramp to sales is highly problematic. Community is not an extension of the marketing department. I like to think of it more like an R&D expense: our research into what developers need - and *their* development."
- Leslie Hawthorn

Here's what I just posted to my birdsite followers:

"Quick update 1 week into making Mastodon my primary platform. It's been great!

It feels a lot friendlier. (See e.g. the hashtag). The smaller community sizes makes it feel less intimidating/threatening. And it's amazing actually knowing & respecting admins there."

Today I'll be at in London, tooting best bits from the talks on developer relations. Looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces there!

Another day, another data leak discovered... This time 31 million users' personal details including phone number, name, device & network details, SMS number, email addresses, social media profiles & location...

"It raises the question of why a keyboard & emoji app needs to gather the entire data of the user’s phone." 🤔

While @torgo @diekus & @ada are away in Brussels, @thisisjofrank and I have been keeping busy turning joke sports from XKCD into Web Bluetooth demos (more details coming soon!), demo'ing to everyone in the office, and eating delicious Lebkuchen from Nuremberg, thanks to @jan! 🙏

What I love about :
1) and don't use it as a pulpit.
2) Folks don't use to spew and .
3) I've made more positive connections in the past few months then I've EVER made on .
4) aren't beating you over the head with their obnoxious ads or attempting to mine your data six ways from Sunday.
5) It's feels like this is what social media was supposed to be all along; sharing thoughts.

Here's to hoping it stays that way.

Web folks in London, you might be interested in this new conference organised by the fab @thisisjofrank, Simon and Perry. 1 week left for early bird tickets.

"Apple rushed into sharing face maps with app developers... Apps are supposed to make clear why they’re accessing your face and seek “conspicuous consent”... But... you just get a pop-up that asks for “access the camera”. It doesn’t say, “Hey I'm now going to map your every twitch.” [And] once you give it permission, an active app keeps on having access to your face until you delete it or dig into advanced settings."

"Millions of Brits who used an iPhone between June 2011 and February 2012 could receive as much as £500 ($672) each from Google as compensation for the search giant bypassing Safari privacy settings...

Google’s backdoor method of installing cookies on iPhones despite them being blocked in Safari’s settings was discovered in 2012"

"Quartz found that [Android] smartphones were scooping up phone mast addresses... and sending them back to Google.
The data could be used to work out a person's position.

The phones did so even when location services were switched off... & even when there was no Sim card... There was no option to disable."

Mastodon has just (unofficially) reached a million users!

When Twitter was around the same milestone, it was getting valuations up to $150 million, with hype from TechCrunch et al

1,000,092 accounts
+106 in the last hour
+1,614 in the last day
+8,565 in the last week
1,015 active instances

And then I said tweet instead of toot. What's wrong with me today?!

Sorry I should probably have put the content warning on that tweet?

In a survey of senior-level women in Silicon Valley, 60% reported unwanted sexual advances in the workplace and 84% had been told they were "too aggressive".

Excellent long read on The Tech Industry's Gender Discrimination Problem from the New Yorker:

I'm looking for top tech tooters to follow. Who do y'all recommend?

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