Not to sound like a straight edge but like. Why shouldn't we expect and make sure that a president, someone with nuclear codes, should be sober maybe. Especially considering how frequently Nixon was drunk and pointed out the fact that he could, if he wanted to, launch missiles. Idk

Ray Romano dead. Drank 37 mudslides in a row and his intestines actually solidified permanently

I smoked hookah last night like some kinda asshole

Do u hate me now

It's ok I do too

is this seasonal affective disorder or just the effect that listening to nothing but christmas music at work has on my brain

If Rick and Morty was released like, ten years earlier, I think it'd be accepted by the juggalo community first and foremost

Vape ape is the saint of mastodon posting and if you can't RESPECT that then go "tomble" yourself all the way back to the old site

*you, naive, born fresh into mastodon*: what is a "vape ape"?

*me, wise, been on this site a whole 2 months*: my sweet child,

@garfiald I just got my copy of smash Bros early and you wouldn't believe it but Nintendo added everyone's favorite vaping ape as a playable character

before you post, :sm64_t: :sm64_h: :sm64_i: :sm64_n: :sm64_k: :

is it :sm64_t: iddy?
is it :sm64_h: orny on main?
is it :sm64_i: ntimate?
is it :sm64_n: ipple?
is it :sm64_k: lesbian?

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