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is a primarily spoken/written homegrown channel about created by @RicoBrouwer

English spoken of subtitled interviews are made on a regular basis, they're here:

This is the trailer/leader 'we came we saw he died'

Dear people: the blatant violation by of int. law and the founding principles of the with the verdicts is not going unnoticed.

As is the reverberating way you meet it.

interview: Professor of international law and human rights expert Alfred de Zayas about the consequences for Spain:

prof. of int. law Alfred de gives a damning in depth opinion of the violation of international law by , by prosecuting and punishing the representatives of the people, and what the will mean for the .

interview on the case with professor of int. law Nils Melzer, special rapporteur for United Nations on ,

about how Julian Assange is doing in prison
and how the rule of law is doing, if we allow this precedent to be set

'this is about stopping the bullshit of politics and the way politics are bullshitting us'.
®: A Photographic Investigation - by Mathieu Asselin in thee Gallery until juli 31st

interview on:

'its always about money'
about what's going on with

Potkaars are available in i-tunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, podcast republic and YouTube.

interview on:

'that’s what I like to do, cause trouble. But in the English idiom that often has a positive connotation ..when something is that bad, and as long as you do it responsibly .. then yeah, burn it down, shake it up'

interview with journalist

Hoe werkt ‘’ en ‘’ eigenlijk, in een stad als ? In gesprek met David Kok van de in Almere, hij schreef er een boek over. 'nudging de '


vorig jaar bij de in protesteerde tégen en vóór het . vind je op i-tunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, podcast republic en YouTube.


schrijfster/journalist Janneke was in 2018 en 2019 in Potkaars en vertelde over haar tijd bij de Nederlandse omroep in 'Ander nieuws, wat de niet uitzond' en haar boek ', en wereld'
Alle gesprekken met Janneke (ook , , , ) vind je hier:

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