@Gargron im going to enjoy when Gab's nexus of hate folds in on itself to eat itself alive

Large Hadron Collider

Very Large Array

Quite Big Telescope

Moderately Enormous Antenna

Monstrous Magnifying Glass

Ludicrously Sized Observatory

Stonking Humungous Sky-Guzzler

Incomprehensibly Cyclopean Science Behemoth of Mind-Flaying Dimensions

A Pair Of Binoculars So Huge You Just Can't Imagine, They're Even Huger, No Far Bigger Than That, Now Double It

The Budget Eater


Its good. Surprisingly strong but it's no rocket fuel

With the shitshow that is twitter this week, im glad this place exists

Darkest Dungeon announcer pack for is out πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€

Throat hurts so damn much I sucked down 4 of those anesthetic lozenges.

I expected I wouldnt be able to feel anything in my mouth or throat by now, but I am thoroughly disappointed.

Finally deactivating twitter and facebook. I need a happier place.

Using Tusky thanks to Guacamole @Gargron 's recommendation on changelog

@ryanlittlefield thoughts on Fortnite? I think Im going to dive in on the Switch. Also, its crossplay

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