@Gargron im going to enjoy when Gab's nexus of hate folds in on itself to eat itself alive

@Gargron ive also constly evolved it. Now i cook taylor ham or bacon first then cook the eggs in the grease

@Gargron i was like 25 when i first did. My parents are horrible cooks so its amazing that my brother and i were solidly good cooks

Alien: Covenant 

@Gargron humans dont make logical decision, so why expect movie characters to

@MrBecks thats odd. All i ever see are ridiculously heavy metal doors

@ryanlittlefield maybe it will stop my mentions from randomly blowing up in slack

@Gargron i switch phases through my morning schedule. To stay up later, i have to either sleep in or take a morning nap. To switch back to my early work schedule, I have to force myself to get up early.

@MrBecks as long as you serve vietnamese eggrolls or bubble tea, go crazy

@MrBecks you lost the game the minute you told me you were playing it

@chromakey @ryanlittlefield that show is so legendary im afraid to rewatch it in fear of destroying my memories of it.

Also, it has the greatest ending of any show

@Gargron i only ever hear it between rounds though. Reaper doesnt come accompanied by CLACK CLACK CLACK

Large Hadron Collider

Very Large Array

Quite Big Telescope

Moderately Enormous Antenna

Monstrous Magnifying Glass

Ludicrously Sized Observatory

Stonking Humungous Sky-Guzzler

Incomprehensibly Cyclopean Science Behemoth of Mind-Flaying Dimensions

A Pair Of Binoculars So Huge You Just Can't Imagine, They're Even Huger, No Far Bigger Than That, Now Double It

The Budget Eater

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