@Stoori Can you please explain how you conceive of the genre?

I finished updating the essay challenge, and made a Medium series with my responses.


If you don't do Medium, all the essays are also public Notes on my Facebook.


Happy ! Here's what I look like today, first time getting kicked out of the men's room: mastodon.social/media/2drB2CwL

@chriseppstein couldn't agree more about the importance of a CoC (AND a well-articulated enforcement policy) to define and uphold the culture of a space. This place already has the feeling of spaces I curate and it would be lovely to see it stay that way.

I'm a community organizer and activist in San Diego. I run several queer-inclusive polyamory meetups, and produce intersectional JavaScript events as part of my work with the WeAllJS worldwide community on Slack. I also advocate for inclusion in our burgeoning startup and software communities.

I'm trans, and my pronouns are she/her. I write about queerness and polyamory and publish at medium.com/@adampowers.

I'm hirable for a variety of things. Also, I'm hella gay.

@u2764 Positively no argument there. Nothing wrong with saying your event or movement explicitly welcomes nonbinary folks, using their own terminology, but I'd never suggest a movement is FOR people unless it's influenced by those people.

@u2764 I'm pretty with you on performative inclusion being worse than useless.

I can see the benefit of attempting to remove gendered/binarist connotations from words, though, at least from a linguistic relativism perspective. Someone shocked by Latinx (latEEN-ecks) might question why people have to be gendered with o/a suffices, and the practice pushes back on that construct.

More importantly, I see kids using those words to describe themselves. That's good enough for me.

So I guess this is heaven

I pop onto this thing for the first time and the public timeline contains Raspberry Pi, the word 'cishet', and trans girl selfies

So basically my curated twitter feed but by default

Hard to argue with this


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