Hungarian journalists admit role in forging anti-migrant 'atmosphere of fear'

Leftwing 'anarchist terror cell' is fiction, French judges rule

I like working out but there are some really lazy people at the gym. They can bench press a couple hundred pounds but they can't put things back where they belong or walk to the trash can to toss out their garbage!

Another good read: Democracy is dying in Hungary. The rest of the world should worry.

Interesting read: People want homes, jobs, a future: no wonder they distrust capitalism now

Amid FOSTA crackdown, sex workers find refuge on Mastodon

If it wasn't for sports I wouldn't have much of a reason to watch,TV.

This is very much going to be a lazy Saturday.

No crab cakes tonight. Back to my normal Friday fare. Flounder baked in lemon juice and butter with rice and broccoli. Nothing fancy but always tasty.

There are times it becomes abundantly clear to me, how much disdain I have for a good deal of pop culture.

Part of the reason many people believe that Mastodon cannot succeed is that they equate success with the ability to monetize.

Sitting in Dunkin Donuts waiting for the laundromat to open so I can drop my laundry off.

This I why I hate text messaging. Got a text asking if I can do something for them tomorrow. Text them back yes and asked what time. Reply: Crickets!!!

I hate it when people are incapable of providing complete information. You end up having piece it together in hopes that you correctly filled the blanks.

Sun is shinning at least for today then it's suppose to get shitty again for the next two days.

Muscles are sore from last night workout. Might have over done it bit since I haven't really experienced this kind of soreness since I start this routine.

That awkward moment when you want to post something but have nothing really to say....

More snow in the forecast for the weekend. Will the the winter ever end?

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