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Mortgage applicants beware: Audit says IRS ‘tax transcript’ program lacks adequate security protections

The caravan of migrants that’s alarmed President Trump stalls at a soccer field

Facebook Removes More Accounts Tied to Russian ‘Troll Factory’

The hidden crisis on college campuses: 36 percent of students don’t have enough to eat

I knew there was a meeting today but wasn't sure till I found the email in the trash. I don't remember deleteing it.

They say exercise will improve your mood. My experience has confirmed this. Yesterday isn't the first time I entered the gym feeling crappy and left feeling happy.

Working out on a regular basis has had one other benefit aside from losing weight and getting physically fit. It improves my mood. Yesterday, I was feeling down. I had scheduled a cycling class for after work, so I can get in a cardio workout. The class is about an hour long and is rather intense. After the hour long workout and dripping with sweat, I felt happy! I was smiling!

Lying in bed listening toThe Final Tour: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 6
The Miles Davis Quintet

I suck at social media. I use to love it but now I find it all very boring...

Back to the workout grind. Starting a new routine.

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