Done. Submitted a board game prototype to the Hippodice competition.

It will likely be months before I hear from them, but at least this side project is also done for the moment.

Tonight's research found an intriguing bit of Welf family history that is a possible explanation of a troubling detail in the 9th century Elder Hildebrandslied,

and then led to a delightful book by none other than Gibbon where he accuses none other than Leibnitz of inventing that bit of family history.

If I'm late for work tomorrow, you now know why.

Months of planning come to a head. @fronteers is considering applying for @w3c membership and appointing @rachelandrew as our paid representative - if members agree.

@heydon Got it now! Test report confirmed: Enter confirms; Space cancels when the focus is on Cancel. Esc always cancels.

@heydon How do you do it? Maybe there's a setting I should toggle or something; I forget.

@heydon When cancelling with the Esc key it correctly gives cancelled (on Mac). I don't know how else to cancel it; I think it's impossible to move the focus from OK to Cancel.

OK, so I search for Browser Detect Script. First link is an ad, second is to a GitHub page of my own ancient script.
I didn't put it on GitHub. Also, I'm not sure if it's really suited any more.

Meeting some internet celebs in #jsnation

Favourite GDPR Panic Day stories, anyone?

Mine's boring. I found that I'm subscribed to way fewer stupid mailing lists than I thought.

@peter Yes, you announced only two months before the conference or so, and that's late.

But good luck; I'll retweet stuff if I see it, and I'm very curious how you will feel about your first Samsung conference once it's done.

@peter Oh right, Samsung Create is coming up. Very interested to hear how that one goes. Did you sell out?

It's a set of dentists' appliances.

(Seriously, Harald Bluetooth got his name thanks to his toothache, which was eventually cured by monks, which led him to conclude Christ was clearly better than Odin.)

@webinista Yes, the cascade is a clear pain point. But I'm not sure whether explaining it again would help; I need to understand what JS peeps expect.

Are you a JavaScript engineer who really ought to know some CSS but is avoiding it?
What are your main pain or confusion points?
I want to help you, but I need to understand the problem first.

Oh, we can play the years game again with my follower count.

I have 205 followers, which is also the year Caracalla and Geta, the emperor's sons, were consuls in Rome and gave their names to the year.

Later, when daddy was dead, one would murder the other.

What is the ntpd process and why did it use 190% of my CPU time? (MacBook Air)

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