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Peter-Paul Koch

Meeting some internet celebs in #jsnation

Favourite GDPR Panic Day stories, anyone?

Mine's boring. I found that I'm subscribed to way fewer stupid mailing lists than I thought.

@peter Yes, you announced only two months before the conference or so, and that's late.

But good luck; I'll retweet stuff if I see it, and I'm very curious how you will feel about your first Samsung conference once it's done.

@peter Oh right, Samsung Create is coming up. Very interested to hear how that one goes. Did you sell out?

It's a set of dentists' appliances.

(Seriously, Harald Bluetooth got his name thanks to his toothache, which was eventually cured by monks, which led him to conclude Christ was clearly better than Odin.)

@webinista Yes, the cascade is a clear pain point. But I'm not sure whether explaining it again would help; I need to understand what JS peeps expect.

Are you a JavaScript engineer who really ought to know some CSS but is avoiding it?
What are your main pain or confusion points?
I want to help you, but I need to understand the problem first.

Oh, we can play the years game again with my follower count.

I have 205 followers, which is also the year Caracalla and Geta, the emperor's sons, were consuls in Rome and gave their names to the year.

Later, when daddy was dead, one would murder the other.

What is the ntpd process and why did it use 190% of my CPU time? (MacBook Air)

@ada OK, but then what about 'followed' and 'favourited'? We need new names for those as well.

Linkbait 37

We are an equal opportunity linkbait. Last week we bashed Facebook; this week we bash Google.

Accidentally made a script spew out a lot of NaN. Chrome now thinks the page is in Haitian Creole.

Linkbait 36
Facebook-bashing edition. (I’m merely quoting other people’s bashing, mind you.)

Yes, I think we should extend progressive enhancement to apps as well.

App UX can be significantly better than web UX, but as long as the web version is good enough that's fine.

Progressively enhance to the app if you want - or not.

Of course, people will insist that the native app and the web version must be pixel-perfect copies of one another. But let's ignore that.

A short Linkbait; not much going on these days. (Or I’m just missing the good stuff.)

Does anyone have a good suggestion for the next Linkbait? I've been too lazy^C^C^C^C busy last week to make a large list.