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Found it; never mind. But finding your own timeline is a bit unintuitive: you have to search for yourself.

There was a tweet here, and I retweeted it, about UC and Chromium 57. But now I can't find it.
Can I access my own retweets somewhere?

UC browser is based on Chromium 57 now apparently. Before that it was a fork of WebKit dating from before the Blink split (AFAIK).

OK, I admit I haven't been here for months.

Anyone have an iPhone (no iPad!) with 10.3.1 and wants to do one quick test for me?

Oh right, have to update iOS10. The latest odes support error messages - I think.

First finding: Safari iOS does not support minlength. I don't care, but a note has to be made.

Doing form validation tests on mobile today. If I don't reply you know why.

BTW, that link to my latest test results was a Mastodon exclusive. Has not yet appeared on Twitter.

Desktop part of form validation research done
Unless I think of more research questions.
Which may very well happen.

Wow. No browser supports checkValidity() on a fieldset - except for UC for Windows. Go figure. Good I run these tests.

Or standard makers. Whatever.

My latest discovery: textarea doesn't allow a pattern attribute. Fucky fuck.

Why are browser makers such idiotic morons sometimes?

Why are Constraint Validation API and related functionalities so badly designed and implemented? This must be the fifth day I'm testing it, and browsers just seem to do random stuff.

41,703 accounts
+8,172 in the last day
+18,732 in the last week

Found the setting. Was not in Settings. Obviously.
Instead, it was in the guitar-tab hamburger menu above the notifications panel.

OK, so the notifications here give that weird noise that I've been hearing for the past few days. I first thought of Russian spies infiltrating my camera, but the explanation is fortunately mundane.
Now to figure out how to turn it off.

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