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Really interesting example of a privacy issue highlighted on r/privacy yesterday:

> visited a roommate's place and was bombarded with ads about engagement rings when I used his wifi. I asked him if he was going to propose to his girlfriend and he was shocked I found out. Helped him install PiHole/network wide ad blocking before she found out.

I visited the Burger King website and to my enjoyment they used a burger menu icon. Sadly the burger icon wasn't colored like a Whopper

Okay here's the pitch:
A Marie Kondo show but for poor people who own stuff that doesn't spark joy but have little to no alternative

🤕 oof, bad day to be a salt consumer

Looks like salt has unwittingly distributed a WORM and is now being subject to crypto-mining backdoors, which is anyones guess what the actual use of these will be for...

#exploit #salt #supplychainpoison

somebody wrote something about digital consent and how we don’t often get a firm “no” anymore

(“give us a rating?” and the answers are to rate or “not now”)

and i thank them for that observation

happy may day!! 🛠 remember our economy is built on the backs of women!

(not you, karen.)

The Thingiverse site UX is so bad I cannot find words. Logging in? Not today!

Today I found an infamous IQOS pseudo e-cigarette burner. :pika:

But what do you it comes with a heavy LiPo battery and a charger shield. I guess I have a new power source for a DIY project :owi:

Oh, that's kinda nice. TIL a GitHub organization can enforce 2FA.

How to animate a rotating box using Python.

Stolen from birdsite.

GC does not make your code slow. The garbage you are producing makes your code slow.

After a 2FA frenzy I seem to have locked myself out of my online banking portal. And they send a new OTP by...

snail mail



Thanks for nuffin'. I live in 2020. 🙄

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I bought a Yubikey for personal use. It's scaring how little Big Players(TM):
- use Yubikeys
- provide alternative 2FA ways (WTF?)

CEO: I can't work without getting paid!

Creators: We pay in exposure! It'll be great!


Good Practices für #Kubernetes #AppOps #Security - Eigentlich war der Vortrag für die vorgesehen. Da die leider wegen der Covid-19 Krise ausgefallen ist haben wir hier den Vortrag von unserem Kollegen Viel Spaß beim Anschauen.


Hey @finux I read this and thought of your history thing that you got going on

Schaue den neusten Odenthal-Tatort und es erschlägt mich, wie nah Personen einander sind. Einfach so.

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