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Always had an interest in sci-fi, I mean speculative fiction... actually do I mean sci-fi, pulp space fantasy.

Would like to write more shorts dealing with aliens etc... except it's hard to come up with alien names. They always sound naff, but I can't call a guy with tentacles for a face "Gary" can I?

I guess I could if his real name would be unpronounceable with human vocal chords and they anglicise their names to make themselves more appealing to human society, but that seems like a cop-out.

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Got a story I'm working on that deals with issues from my childhood. Not sure what is worse, fear of writers block or fear of kicking a latent hornets nest of buried traumas.

"Write about what you know", they say. How do you cope if what you need to write about is your own pain?

Anyone got any experience of that?

Can anyone recommend existing books dealing with writing about personal abuse etc?

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And right on cue, in replicating the rss based decentralized blogosphere, appears the “Wordpress” of mastodon.


Quit putting saved game folders in the Windows documents folder. It's created a mess.

%appdata% or Saved Games folders. They exist for a reason.

I'm posting on Mastodon while listening to Mastodon.

If only I could be riding a mastodon while doing so.

Not sure about Mastodon yet. Looks like a bizarro-world Tweetdeck.

I'm sure it'll grow on me.


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