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I would like to take this moment to publicly thank Linus Torvalds for making it so gosh darned fun to produce a weekly news show about Linux.

Side note: Tomorrow's #LundukeShow will be rated PG-13.

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This Sounds like a great Idea for a show, my eldest son would most certainly love some tips using OBS & Kdenlive

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It's almost #LinuxThursday on the #LundukeShow!

Got Linux-y questions? Got topic requests? Tweet them with the hashtag #LinuxThursday and there's a chance they might make it into the show!

The language filters don't seem to be working at all in . Firstly, it isn't clear whether checking them will show/hide the content in those languages. Secondly, checking them doesn't seem to be making any changes at all to the visible content on the federated timeline.

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I'll never understand why some people hate giving code reviews. I get that you don't want to be harsh which you can choose not to be harsh.

I find the experience to be rewarding and a great learning opportunity as a reviewer.

Case in point, TIL that `bool(queryset)` is more efficient by one query than `queryset.exists()` which is the conventional method. Now using `exists` is more efficient than `count`, but saving one query for some clients is a HUGE deal. - A Python script to split your long tweet into small chunks of 140 characters limit imposed by Twitter