I don't know where I'm going; but I promise it won't be boring

Take responsibility of your , never put it in other people’s hands.

Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

I love my past. I love my present. I'm not ashamed of what I've had, and I'm not sad because I have it no longer.

Collette, Chéri

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am , so I am changing myself.


No shepherd and one herd! Everybody wants the same, everybody is the same: whoever feels different goes voluntarily into a madhouse.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

There are no eternal facts, as there are no absolute truths.

Friedrich Nietzsche

I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Is merely a mistake of God's? Or merely a mistake of man?

Friedrich Nietzsche

No one can construct for you the bridge upon which precisely you must cross the stream of life, no one but yourself .

Friedrich Nietzsche

I cannot believe in a God who wants to be praised all the time.

Friedrich Nietzsche

In , all the interesting people are missing.

Friedrich Nietzsche

It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my reasons for them!

Friedrich Nietzsche

Where am I? Who am I?
How did I come to be here?
What is this thing called the world?
How did I come into the world?
Why was I not consulted?
And If I am compelled to take part in it, where is the director?
I want to see him.

Søren Kierkegaard

Truth always rests with the , and the minority is always stronger than the majority, because the minority is generally formed by those who really have an opinion, while the strength of a majority is illusory, formed by the gangs who have no opinion — and who, therefore, in the next instant (when it is evident that the minority is the stronger) assume its opinion… while truth again reverts to a new minority.

Soren Kierkegaard

Life is not a to be solved, but a to be experienced.

Soren Kierkegaard

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