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Is there are a bot that shares the essays & articles of ? If yes, I would like to follow it. If no, we need one in

or a bot that shares stories from all anti-capitalist and post-capitalist experiments.


Roar mag has a feed, so scripting is all that is required. Unless you take up python and do it in 15 mins, I will try to create a mastodon bot in Rust as a learning exercise.

@prashere @demonshreder Maybe, we should encourage people to use feed readers too. At one point, I thought of creating several feed->fediverse bots, but then decided against it. The reason is that bots offer no reader privacy (you are listed as a follower of the bot), whereas feeds can (nobody needs to know which feeds you are following; it is all on your local machine).
Prasanna Venkadesh

@arunisaac @demonshreder regarding privacy, mastodon has the ability to hide the follower, following network, I guess.

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That's nice, but the list of followers is stored on the server even though it is hidden. This is accumulation of unnecessary information. In case the server is compromised, or if the government seizes the server, it wouldn't end well. Anyways, if your bots help make the fediverse more popular, by all means, continue.