Since my childhood, one of my aunt used to call me as "Brhaspati" whenever I failed to understand something which she tried to convey. I have asked her, what does it mean. She replied the same. Brhaspati means "makku" in tamil i.e one who is ignorant or a slow learner.

Ha, today I understood why Brhaspati which sounds like a name is used to denote that. It is indeed a name of an ancient Indian sage who also wrote Brhaspati Sutras (a text on materialism and atheism). Indeed I am a Brhaspati. 😇

Indeed I am a Brhaspati not as what they conceive, but as a dialectical materialist.

The philosophical and ideological defeat of materialism (Lokayata) to Idealism (Vedanta Upanishads) in ancient India has given the opportunity to the proponents of Vedanta to label ignorance with Brhaspati's name instead of direct word avidya, thus defaming the materialist thought itself.

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