I just skimmed through the specifications of two decentralized protocols and I use applications that have implemented them.

Matrix (M) and ActivityPub (AP) are the 2 protocols I am talking about. Both of them are very similar in terms of what they have implemented.

1. Client-Server API
2. Server-Server API

Both protocols uses JSON to exchange info. Both of them run on top of HTTP(S). M includes WebRTC for VOIP calls, which can also be plugged into AP as well.

M and AP are started with different purposes. M for instant messaging and AP for social networking.

Therefore their vocabularies differ. For example, M talks about events, while AP talks about Activities. M has a concept called a virtual 'Room', while AP I am not sure (may be lists?).

Both M & AP puts E2E to use on both client-server and server-server API with different algorithms ofcourse.

AP has become a w3c standard while M hasn't.

I guess, apart from these minor differences I guess they can converge or inter-operate (or) may be that can happen at the user facing application where the application developers can implement both the protocols and enable instant-messaging / social networking within that.

Do you know anyone attempting that? If that is going to happen, I guess both the protocols can converge and become a new one supporting both.

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