When you come to a decentralized, federated and p2p platform, don't come alone.

Bring your friends too because these platforms are built with the idea of putting communication control back to us.

It works well when we flock together as a group so that we will have our friends check out here.

Don't come alone and don't feel the isolation.

It is good idea but not many willing to take such steps...

@porus correct. Willingness will come from their understanding not from our understanding. Why should they come and join because we understood the need for such platforms?

Asking them to join mastodon is no different from asking them to join any other website for them. Give them a different perspective. Ask them different questions, like, "Hey what if we all run our own website?" This may give them a motivation.

I am not giving you blueprint. I am just suggesting some strategies.

I agree, mainly they are looking for the following things in any alternative platforms
1. Obviously they are looking for if they're friends and family on it
2. They never want to take heavy work they are comfortable if someone else doing it for them (ex. Running website)
3. They are looking for what are the appealing things that the alternative platforms having compared to their current one.
4. They are willfully ignorant of their data worth and privacy.

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