You know that a monopoly has been attained when people refer to a generic practice with a specific name.

For example asking how gmail works instead of how email works; search in Google instead of search the web; asking for WhatsApp number instead of phone number, etc.,

It is also when we realize the dangers of it and sense the need to fight back the monopolies.

@prashere No that is a generic trademark. These usually happen because a product is overwhelmingly successful. (
It's not necessarily bad. In fact companies want to avoid it because they can lose their trademark.

A monopoly is when a product has only one supplier. They are almost always bad.

@prashere Let's discuss this at your place, I'll take a Uber to get to you.

@prashere I always struggle to refer to a web search in some other way than google without the awkward looks.

@bluetechgirl @prashere for a non-awkward phrase, I use something like "let me do a web search for that." For a slightly in-your-face phrase, I've seen "let me duck that."

@GenTollis @prashere I use the former and still get weird looks from people who I assume think I have never heard of google.

Unfortunately the alternatives to those common expressions are pretty poor in many languages, which makes it harder to get rid of them.

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